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NewLife Cocoon for Japan

Posted on: April 24, 2011

On 11th of March 2011 Japan was struck by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake , followed by a devastating tsunami and several explosions at the nearby Fukushima atomic plant, which culminated in an atomic radiation in the scale of  Chernobyl.
Many thousands people have died, and many more are still missing and are assumed dead.

And yet,  many have survived.
They need support on many levels.
They need food and shelter, good water to drink and they need psychological and energetic care.
They need protection from atomic radiation.
They need a new life and the courage to dare to begin a new life.

The NewLife Cocoon is an energetic life support for the survivors of earthquake, tsunami and atomic radiation.
It is made from cotton, and energized with the frequency to support and give first aid energetic care. It is especially designed for those who have undergone deep traumatic experiences.
The NewLife Cocoon offers an energetic and light transmission of deeply healing and nourishing frequencies. While resting or sleeping in the cocoon, body/mind and spirit can recover and very gently find relief , release and the opening into a new life. 
The cocoon offers a very deep deep rest in a remote inner  space, where the traumatic experiences are left far behind. In this deep
resting space a new understanding can be found. 

You may have heard of Dr. Emoto  (http://www.hado.net/ )who has proved on a scientific level how water reacts to our thoughts and emotions, and how energy can be transmitted through water to the body/ mind /spirit of all matter.  I have learned so much from him. Through his work we can understand in a scientific way how the transmission of energy works, and how we can actively participate in the creation of a New Life.
The NewLife Cocoon acts on these simple yet profound principles.

In the month before the Japan earthquake I have met and become friends with a very brave woman, who is a survivor of the great asian Tsunami of 2004. She has told me how difficult it is to come out of the immense shock: the whole system just blocks up. Until now, 6 years after the Tsunami she has still not recovered fully, even though she is a woman who can take care of herself  very  well. She is very strong and has done much to heal herself. She is meditating regularly, does Yoga,  she has taken sessions and groups to heal herself from the trauma, she is in medical care, and yet, the shock is still coming up in nightmares and panic attacks to such an extent that it makes her life very difficult. She has had multiple, almost fatal accidents as a result of these panic attacks.
One could say that it was a “coincidence” that we met just before the big earthquake in Japan. I dont believe it was a coincidence. Through her I understood the need of such a cocoon and that it could be done.
And so I started searching for the right frequency which would help the people who survived, would help them heal easily and come to life again. Which would give them some relief, some new life energy, some support.

My name is Sampatti.
For many years I have been working with energy and the transmission of energy to  human body/mind and consciousness for healing and growing consciousness.

I will make as many of these healing cocoons as I can. I will send as many as I can as a donation to Japan.
If you feel to support with your donation, I am very grateful for any small or big amount you might want to contribute.
(please mention “Donation for NewLife Cocoon Japan”)

           or   buy now

Thank you!
with love and gratitude,

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Thank you, friends, for the incoming donations. I can now make at least 6 more cocoons and send them to Japan. Of course we need many more , as there are thousands and thousands of peole suffering from trauma, but it is a very good start.
When the rivers starts its journey towards the ocean, it is just a trickle of water…. buth then…!
Thank you , for your contribution!

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  • newlifecocoon: Thank you, friends, for the incoming donations. I can now make at least 6 more cocoons and send them to Japan. Of course we need many more , as there
  • newlifecocoon: My own first experince is this: I have meditated and I have slept in it, And I felt amazingly peaceful, But not only that¸ as if transported into
  • newlifecocoon: thanks , Giri, much love to you!



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